10:26pm January 29, 2013

A Real Life Ray=out Part 2

Well I was thinking we would only make one issue, so I’d say that we would probably have all year. It probably shouldn’t take too long actually though. I do believe that AO and the movie should be included, they are all parts of the franchise, heck if you wanted to we could even write about the manga and the Light Novels! Of course you wouldn’t need to write in Stoner’s terms, I mean if you want to you can, but it would in no way be required!

I’m weird in the way that I really enjoy writing essays and I’ve been wanting to write one about E7 for a long time, and I think this would be the perfect outlet for that. I also knew if we could get Eka on board, everything will work out! So I’m glad you’re willing to help!

Plus, AO ended, the fanbase was brought back together, and this would be a perfect way to get everyone who loved the series together in one place to  work on something. It will be truly a bonding experience, and one that I hope a lot of people will enjoy! I guess the first thing we should do is try to advertize the idea to as many people as possible. We need a wide variety of writers, and the like.

It’d be nice to try and define what we want in it first, that way we can come up with sections and then take volunteers for each of the sections.

Also, it would really be better if we could find a Forum or a chatroom to discuss these ideas better, because I don’t know how well we can communicate on Tumblr. I suppose one of the best places is actually the Eureka Seven Forums. There are still some die hard fans there who would be willing to help us out!

I made a topic on the forums about this. If any of you guys want to check it out, and throw in your ideas, here’s the link.

We will need everyone’s input! So, if you have any ideas don’t be afraid to share them!


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