6:50pm January 29, 2013

A Real life Ray=Out?

I came up with a brilliant idea! We should totally create a one issue Eureka Seven Ray=Out issue! It’d be a fanzine and stuff! It could have cosplay, fan fiction, fan art, Maybe interviews with people if we could get them. Information about the series, maybe info on all the characters in both series, basically make an Encyclopedia, and print it on demand! I totally think this could happen, but I’m just seeing if anyone else is interested. Because quite frankly, while I can and most certainly will contribute to it, I don’t know exactly how to go about making one…Does anyone think this is a good idea, or would be willing to make one?

  1. ryugaknight answered: Just make it like an encyclapedia explaing the show.
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    I don’t personally have a set idea on when it will come out, there isn’t really a huge rush I don’t think. It might take...
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    Oh wow, this sounds like a really good idea and I’d love to take part in it any way that I can. Do you have a solid idea...
  4. cloudwalker-caeoimhin answered: I’ma like…totally be a slave to this idea. Just call me and I’m TOTALLY IN
  5. raikbeard answered: Would this be “in-character” or just a fanzine with the name “ray=out”? Because I’m not sure I could properly emulate Stoner’s verbosity.
  6. kissmysilence answered: UHM… Well… How many time do we have..? I could help.
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    This sounds pretty fun! Count me in. And if anyone wants to write an article about specific aspects of E7, such as...